the stones

Our Digital Stories


The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia beckons with its sun-kissed vineyards, pristine lakes, and rolling hills. Look for upcoming samples of our photography; digital and analog (we love instant film).

Professional Writing

From user manuals to industry reports, we transform intricate concepts into clear, compelling content that captivates and informs your audience. We also specialize in providing visually intuitive maps of complex systems using Visio.

Long & Short Fiction

From bite-sized escapes to immersive sagas, our words weave a tapestry of imagination that transcends time and space. Return frequently for new short and long fiction offerings.

Pen & Pixel

Craig’s world is a canvas of pixels. As an enterprise software consultant, he architects the digital realms that power our modern lives. But his creativity doesn’t stop there. When the keyboard rests, his writer’s heart takes over, penning words that bridge the gap between imagination and reality.


Meanwhile, Aubry’s world unfolds in the gentle strokes of early childhood education. With the heart of an dancer, she nurtures young minds, instilling values and fostering curiosity. In this union of technology and nurturing, Craig and Aubry create a masterpiece of innovation and inspiration.

Aubry hiking with our daughter

Other Thoughts

If you like random, check out Craig’s blog. You’ll find opines on everything from technology & business to parenting & spirituality.